Paychecks, Taxes, Raises (And How to Cheat the System)


I’m pretty big into numbers, especially the fact that they don’t lie and it makes it pretty clear when and how to cheat the system.

Let’s talk about paychecks, taxes, and best of all raises.

Now all of these numbers are based on an average person making an annual salary in the state of Massachusetts, inside of course the United States of $35,000 — and has the prospect of getting a raise.

When asked the question, how much should I get a raise — some very important questions need to be answered.

Most people would be like, WOOHOO, I’M GETTING MORE MONEY, LIFE IS GOOD, YEY!

But that’s actually not the case.

Why the Tree?


Have you ever felt that you just need a rebirth, a new beginning, a fresh start? I’ve been going at this debate for years.

Always taking one step towards creating something new, and two steps back as I lose faith and confidence in my direction. It’s a zig and a zag, a tug and a pull. Maybe it was a lack of confidence in my abilities, or my shyness to be a little more forward.

Things are about to change.